Centering Black voices and visions for a Nonprofit Wakanda

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Centering Black voices and visions for a Nonprofit Wakanda

What does it sound like, look like, feel like to imagine a New York City and nonprofit sector where “Blackness is centered, elevated, celebrated, and well resourced”? Nonprofit Wakanda Quarterly is a collective imagining of such a future. Conceived by George Suttles, Cynthia Reddrick, and Dax-Devlon Ross, in partnership with many members of the diverse NYC nonprofit community, Nonprofit Wakanda Quarterly “is an articulation project that creates space for self-identified Black/African Diasporic leaders/dreamers to share their vision for a city and a sector that centers Black lives and works to protect, celebrate, and secure prosperous, beautiful Black futures.”

If you missed the launch of Nonprofit Wakanda earlier this year, add the inaugural Fall/Winter and recent Spring/Summer issues to your summer reading list. Each issue features a guest editor and pieces submitted for publication from a range of perspectives and experiences. Five Philanthropy New York members have shared pieces - Trish Adobea Tchume (Robert Sterling Clark Foundation), Khayriyyah Muhammad Smith (ELMA Philanthropies), Altaf Rahamtulla (Wellspring Philanthropic Fund), George Suttles (New York Foundation), and Donita Volkwijn (Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors).

Read their pieces and more at Nonprofit Wakanda Quarterly!

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