Mass Shooting in Orlando: Resources and Networks for Action

National Teleconference for Funders June 22 @ 11a.m.: Response to Orlando Shooting
For funders concerned about this tragedy and how to best respond, please join us for a national teleconference on June 22, 11 am-noon ET...

Philanthropy New York is committed to helping our members and the entire community connect to the networks and resources it needs to respond when tradgedy strikes.

We are reeling from the tragic news that a gunman in Orlando, Florida, opened fire at the Pulse nightclub leaving 49 people dead and over 50 injured according to preliminary reports. One of Philanthropy New York's core values is the embrace of equity and inclusion. We state in the strongest possible terms: Philanthropy New York stands with those who are working to end all forms of violence, especially those directed at Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Genderqueer and all other people who stand with them. 

In the coming weeks, we will continue to update this page as we learn more about ways to help.

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Funder Networks Assembling Information and Resources to Respond:

Florida Philanthropic Network

Funders for LGBTQ Issues

Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Special Resource:

Lessons From Roseburg: The Ford Family Foundation
The Ford Family Foundation in Roseburg, Oregon has been a key leader in the response to the mass shooting that took place in Roseburg on October 1, 2015, at the Umpqua Community College.  Below are some resources from the foundation about what they’ve learned:
How a Foundation Can Help: Unusual Circumstances Requre an Unusual Philanthropic Response
The First 72 Hours: Taking Action

Possibilities for Donors Looking to Make Contributions:

Funds for the Victims of the Orlando Shooting:

Central Florida Foundation announced the creation of the Better Together Fund, The Foundation and the City of Orlando agreed to pursue separate strategies to respond to the needs of the community. The Better Together Fund, provides a way to respond to the needs of Central Florida now and in the time ahead. This effort will take place through a transparent, accountable grant-making process addressing the following priorities:

  • Nonprofits that are supporting the victims and families
  • The LGBTQ, Hispanic, faith and other affected communities
  • Underlying causes of this tragic event (not related to policy or advocacy)
  • Other needs we cannot anticipate until we face them

The City of Orlando will pursue its own strategy to give funds directly to victims and their families. You can read a letter from Central Florida Foundation President & CEO and former FPN Board Member Mark Brewer here:

Equality Florida (Florida Philanthropic Network has referred people to the website of Equality Florida, the main LGBTQ rights organization in the state, where you can find information and updates on this horrific situation.) Equality Florida has said that “We are working with a team of attorneys and experts, including the National Center for Victims of Crime, which deployed funds in both Chattanooga and Aurora, to ensure funds are distributed correctly.”

The Proteus Fund is also organizing an effort to make one to two short term, rapid response grants to quickly assist the LGBTQ communities in Orlando specifically and Florida generally in dealing with this tragedy.

The Center, an LGBT advocacy group that is providing a crisis hotline (407-227-1446) and grief counselors for people in the Orlando area, also set up a GoFundMe page

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Central Florida is working to support the local queer community through counseling and support in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. To donate to the center’s efforts, visit here.

Muslims United for Victims of Pulse Shooting. American Muslim leaders called on members of their community who are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan to break their fast if needed in order to donate blood. And, Muslim community members in Florida have launched a fundrasing campaign to support the shooting victims and their families.

Our Fund Foundation, a community foundation whose mission is to support South Florida’s LGBTQ agencies, is collecting tax-deductible donations. 100% of the tax-deductible funds raised through Our Fund will be donated to the nonprofits in Orlando supporting survivors and victims' families and friends and their efforts to restore peace, joy and wellness to Orlando's LGBTQ community. To make a tax-deductible donation through Our Fund, visit

Governor Rick Scott announced the activation of the Florida Disaster Fund following yesterday’s terror attack in Orlando. The Florida Disaster Fund will help provide financial support to organizations that serve survivors, their families, and all those in need. To make a contribution, please visit

Ending Gun Violence:

Everytown for Gun Safety

Coalition to End Gun Violence

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

States United to Prevent Gun Violence

LGBT Community:

Stonewall Community Foundation is partnering with OPEN Finance -- the industry’s LGBT ERG network -- and Out In Tech to raise money for our Emergency Response Fund. This is an effort to move money to groups serving the people directly affected by the shooting in Orlando - survivors, victims, families, and LGBTQ community members. Tickets for the fundraising benefit are available here.

The New York City Anti-Violence Project, a New York City-based nonprofit working to address hate-violence in the LGBTQ community, offers a 24/7 bilingual hotline and devotes their resources to addressing hate violence in the queer community. Donate to its efforts here or reach the hotline at 212-714-1141.

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