Mission and Values

VISION: Philanthropy New York, through its leadership, serves as a connector of people, institutions, ideas, and resources, as well as a catalyst for advocacy and action for change. Through the work of Philanthropy New York, our members are more effective than they would be if we did not exist. Specifically, philanthropic organizations in the New York region:

  • Are engaged and energized in providing leadership and resources to ensure intentional, long-term change;
  • Have the knowledge and skills they need to advance their missions effectively;
  • Share, adopt and use effective, efficient, and accountable grantmaking practices;
  • Work collaboratively to improve the lives of people in their communities and throughout the world;
  • Provide leadership regionally, nationally, and internationally on issues affecting the philanthropic sector;
  • Share their work with the public, media, opinion leaders, and policymakers while underscoring the value of philanthropy and the accomplishments of their grantees. 

MISSION: Philanthropy New York enhances and increases the ability of organizational and individual philanthropists located in the New York region, whose missions focus on New York, the United States, and around the globe, to serve the public good. To this end, Philanthropy New York:

  • Supports meaningful collaboration and knowledge-sharing among funders and their grantee organizations;
  • Promotes effective, strategic philanthropy through programs, services, and resources;
  • Connects foundation leaders with key policymakers;
  • Informs and advances public policies that support effective philanthropy and a productive nonprofit sector;
  • Fosters effective communications about the value of philanthropy and the philanthropic sector to the larger community; and
  • Develops a diverse and capable group of future philanthropic leaders.

CORE VALUES: In pursuing its mission, Philanthropy New York is guided by five core values that drive the organization toward the future it seeks to create for its members and the broader community:

  • Integrity: We are committed to honesty and scrupulous adherence to the highest professional, moral, and ethical standards;
  • Impact: We believe that philanthropic efforts should support and enhance meaningful work that serves the public good in ways that, whenever possible, are measurable and sustainable;
  • Inclusion: We value the full participation of communities and individuals and embrace the many forms of diversity, including, but not limited to, ethnic, cultural, racial, religious, sexual orientation, economic status, physical ability, and gender as we draw from the perspectives, opinions, and experiences of a broad cross-section of people. We consider this participation essential for the best quality work as well as for a fair and just society;
  • Transparency and Accountability: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of organizational integrity and responsible stewardship, which require open, broad, and thorough disclosure of decisions, processes, and procedures; and
  • Collaboration and Partnership: We embrace sharing knowledge and taking collective action to strengthen all parties and effectively leverage resources to achieve common objectives and amplify desired impact, even as each party retains the independence to act individually.