Food Funders Working Group

Community Food Funders (CFF) is a philanthropic organizing project that supports the growth of an equitable, ecologically sound, and economically robust food system in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  We provide information, resources, and networking opportunities for funders to invest strategically in growing, processing, and distributing food locally.

CFF is coordinated by the Food and Environment Program Officer at North Star Fund and is led by a steering committee comprised of grantmakers from ten foundations.  CFF facilitates roundtable discussions, funder briefings, site visits, and social gatherings to foster information-sharing and networking among funders. Read about our past events here.
CFF also aggregates and disseminates information and resources to its members, provides a venue through which members can sponsor issue-specific meetings and events, and complements the work of other regional and national groups of similar intent. CFF distributes a monthly e-newsletter highlighting food systems news, upcoming events, key studies, and other information of interest to funders.