Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Awards 2023 Grants to Support Underserved Communities Across New York State

Monday, January 23, 2023

Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Awards 2023 Grants to Support Underserved Communities Across New York State

NEW YORK – The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation today announced it has awarded 538 grants totaling $165 million to support nonprofit organizations addressing the health-related needs of low-income residents and underserved communities across New York State in 2023.

In the four years since its inception, the Foundation has now awarded approximately 2,200 grants totaling nearly $635 million.

Newly funded grantee initiatives will target New York’s evolving needs by expanding access to food, education, support for mental health, as well as access to healthcare and social services.

Grant recipients include community-based organizations, food banks, healthcare providers, nursing homes, schools, federally qualified health centers, and trade associations addressing the needs of key populations: low-income individuals and families; older adults; youth and young adults; persons with special needs; immigrants and migrant workers; veterans; formerly incarcerated individuals; and young children, pregnant women, and new moms.

Efforts will address urgent challenges including New York’s healthcare workforce shortage and current migrant crisis. Over 60 grants totaling $17 million will support immigrants and migrants fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries and those encountering significant challenges upon arrival to the U.S., a roughly 30% increase in funding from the previous year. In addition, 55 grants totaling $14 million will allow organizations to focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, especially as the state continues to face an urgent shortage of nurses and healthcare practitioners.

“At a moment when New York State’s health needs are both acute and wide-ranging, the Foundation is supporting hundreds of programs addressing the needs of vulnerable New Yorkers and underserved communities across the state. From building up our healthcare workforce and providing essential resources for immigrants and migrants, to investing in community-based providers that address chronic challenges from mental health to food insecurity, funding this year will again offer much-needed support to underserved communities,” said Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Visa and Chair of the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Board.

“When Mother Frances Cabrini arrived in New York as an Italian immigrant in 1889, she dedicated herself to serving fellow immigrants and underserved New Yorkers. This year, New York has welcomed tens of thousands of new immigrants seeking a new home, and the Foundation is proud to follow in our namesake’s footsteps by increasing our support for nonprofits helping immigrants and migrant workers. As the needs of New Yorkers continue to evolve, the Foundation is committed to ensuring our grants have the greatest impact possible,” said Msgr. Gregory Mustaciuolo, Chief Executive Officer of the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation...