Overstepping? When Should Foundations Weigh In On Grantee Governance

Friday, June 1, 2018 -
9:00am to 11:00am EDT
Philanthropy New York, 1500 Broadway 7th Floor, NYC 10036
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"We fund this organization, but I'm worried about their board." You've likely heard this sentiment uttered by a foundation program officer in the past. Maybe you've said it yourself. Chances are you're reading the situation right. Leading With Intent, BoardSource's national survey on nonprofit governance, finds that nonprofit boards earn on average a B- in overall performance. Most boards are mediocre, at best. Many others are failing the organization and its mission completely. But what can and should a funder do about it?

This session is designed to help funders explore appropriate ways to ascertain board effectiveness and lead productive conversations that encourage grantees to invest in their boards to develop stronger governance. Come discuss the role of board assessment and governance training in strengthening overall governance.

  • How to diagnose the problem as a funder and gather the right information to determine board effectiveness
  • How to attend to the markers of an unhealthy board
  • The difference between 'yellow flag' and 'red flag' concerns in board governance
  • How to encourage grantees to invest in and strengthen board engagement without crossing appropriate grantor-grantee lines

Be prepared for a highly-interactive session designed to arm funders with innovative ideas and specific action steps to encourage good governance at grantee organizations.


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