Overlooked and Underserved: Confronting the Reality of Student Homelessness during a Pandemic - a Webinar

Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - 2:30pm EDT
Zoom Webinar
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In the 2018-2019 school year, 114,085 students in New York City district and charter schools – 85% of whom are Black or Hispanic - experienced homelessness. That’s enough children to fill the Barclays Center six times over.

Student homelessness, defined as children living in shelters, temporary housing, or “doubling up” in the homes of others, acutely impacts every aspect of a child’s life, including their identity as a student. Over half of all homeless students miss 20 or more days of school. But even when they are present, unstable home environments, frequent mid-year transfers, external obligations and emotional trauma contribute to disruptions that negatively impact a child’s ability to be fully present and learn in the classroom.

Homeless children are under enrolled in pre-K and are more likely to have their special needs identified late. On state Math and English exams, homeless students, on average, scored 20 percentage points below their peers who live in stable housing. Teens who experience homelessness at some point during their high school career are also less likely to graduate.

How can funders address the negative impact homelessness and housing insecurity has on student learning? How can philanthropy invest in initiatives that aim to create stable housing and home environments?  We invite you to join funders, service providers, city officials and advocates to discuss the unique needs of homeless students in NYC, examine current policies and approaches that serve them and opportunities to better serve and ultimately reduce the number of homeless youth.


  • Current state of K-12 homelessness in NYC, especially youth of color and LGBTQ youth
  • How experiencing homelessness impacts a child’s ability to learn
  • Current policies and practices for NYC youth experiencing homelessness
  • Opportunities for funders to engage in this work to improve student outcomes


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