Education Working Group

The Education Working Group is one of PNY’s largest and most well-established issue-based working groups. Through the working group, education funders pursuing a variety of programmatic strategies explore how policy issues are playing out in the city, state and nationwide, and also how working together can deepen their philanthropic impact. The working group sponsors programs on issues of interest to members, including accountability and evaluation systems that support teachers’ improvement, Common Core, school discipline, extended-time learning opportunities, school turnarounds and many other issues. In addition, it is exploring ways to expand and deepen funder collaboration, including sharing information about programs, funding strategies and research.

A subset of the Education Working Group came together in 2012 to develop a grant-funded project- the Education Funders Research Initiative- that generated the six priorities in education reform the New York City Department of Education should focus on with the change in mayoral administration in 2014.

Youth and Education Sector Opinions & Insights

Youth and Education Sector Resources

In this guide, tailored for decision makers and administrators who have a hand in shaping the professional climate at universities, authors Vivian Louie and Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom foreground the need for collective responsibility in nurturing and sustaining strong mentoring relationships, and, critically, provide specific strategies and directions for those who might leverage the weight of institutions to foster lasting change.

September, 2018

In partnership with GoodShepherdNYC, Redlich Horowitz Foundation releases a new guide, “Promoting Supportive, Lasting Adult Connections for Older Youth in Foster Care: Good Shepherd Services’ Permanency Pact Program."

The Schott Foundation for Public Education in partnership with Native Americans in Philanthropy, with support from Nike N7, recently released a set of recommendations for helping Native youth live healthy lives.