Meeting the Moment: Experts and Innovators on the Frontlines of the Youth Mental Health Crisis in NYC

Thursday, April 27, 2023 -
10:00am to 11:30am EDT
Virtual Meeting - Register by 4/26
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It is well documented that the social isolation, academic disruption, loss, and financial stress wrought by the pandemic exacerbated already-growing rates of anxiety, depression, grief and distress for young people. Young people are asking for mental health services and supports in record numbers – as are the teachers and other adults in their lives – but, devastatingly, already-strained youth mental healthcare providers are struggling to meet these needs.  

Please join us for a discussion with experts and innovators about the social and systemic factors contributing to this crisis in New York City, as well as some proven and promising approaches poised to make a difference.

What will you learn?  

  • Key factors contributing to the high demand and short supply of youth mental healthcare in NYC.  

  • A framework for understanding tiers of mental health needs and interventions and when/how each intervention is most effective. 

  • Why the field is moving towards strengths-based, health-centered, anti-oppression language and approaches, and what that means. 

  • Critical and creative initiatives at and across nonprofits, hospitals, universities and city agencies working to support young people in this moment while addressing underlying conditions contributing to the crisis.


Who should attend?

All interested funders and related roles. What to expect: panel discussion followed by Q&A. 


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