Beyond the Classroom: How Sports and Arts Support Social Emotional Learning

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 -
2:00pm to 3:30pm EDT
Zoom Meeting - Register by 10/26
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As our city emerges out of the pandemic into a new normal, holistic youth development programs with “hooks” in sports and arts are continuing to serve ably as places of healing, exploration, and relationship building. Unsurprisingly, these programs are also quite effective in fostering social-emotional learning (SEL) competency growth in their participants. 
Join us for a discussion on how both sports- and arts-centric youth development programs approach SEL cultivation and measurement. We will hear from both program practitioners and measurement & evaluation experts on what makes these programs effective vehicles for youth to develop vital life skills and how funders can support these programs.

  • The latest evidence of how and who sports and arts programs work best to support
  • Why sports and arts programs are critical places for young people to heal from the trauma of the past year
  • The opportunities and challenges in defining and measuring SEL competency growth
  • The interplay between sports and arts programs, SEL growth, and educational outcomes
  • How funders can best support these programs and help them learn from each other


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All interested funders, regardless of roles at your foundation. What to expect: presentation followed by Q&A. 



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