We've Moved!

In January, Philanthropy New York became tenants at 320 East 43rd Street. This exciting move is grounded in our mission and values, provides long-term sustainability in a central location and will increase our convening capacity to better serve our membership.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our new space and look forward to providing you with new opportunities to learn, share and connect. Learn more about why we chose to make this big move.

Keep In Mind

PNY has moved across town to 320 East 43rd Street and we want to share some important reminders during this exciting time.

  • We are hosting meetings in our new offices at 320 East 43rd Street. Please be sure to check our calendar of events for meeting locations and details.
  • Our FAQ list will be updated frequently, please check back for updates!

Our New Space

PNY's new and improved space will increase our convening capacity and present exciting new amenities for our members.

  • Our large conference room affords PNY more flexibility.

  • Our new boardroom is larger than our previous mid-sized meeting space and accommodates a board meeting or roundtable discussion for 20 people.

  • We have additional technology and hospitality support.

  • PNY has priority access to other convening space.

  • The building includes a renovated, more accessible atrium, an art gallery and other public amenities.

  • There is open collaborative spaces for spontaneous conversations between our members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new address? Has your phone number changed?
320 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017 is our physical and mailing address. Our main phone number remains 212-714-0699.

How do I get there?
The building is on 43rd Street, between Second and First Avenues. It’s located 2.5 blocks from Grand Central Station, the 4, 5, 6, 7 and Shuttle Trains, as well as eight blocks from the new East River Ferry 35/36th Street pier landing and one block from the M15 Express bus on First/Second Avenues.

What is the check-in process for events at your new office?
The main entrance and security desk is at the 320 East 43rd Street entrance. If you are attending a PNY event that is being held in our large conference room (the James Baldwin room), you may enter through the 42nd Street entrance. Event reminders will include location and room details.

Can members still reserve meeting space at PNY for their own events?
Yes! Our 8-person meeting room and 20-person board room is available for member reservations. Our large conference room (the James Baldwin room) is also be available for member reservations when not in use for a PNY program. PNY guests may also use the Welcome Lounge for one-on-one meetings or as a place to work before or after programs. Please see our website for more details on reservations. The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice also has many convening spaces available for reservation.