Speaker Honorarium Policy - A Pilot

The intention with our speaker honorarium policy is to prioritize individuals and organizations who have traditionally not been resourced for their labor when sharing their expertise with the funding community.

We offer a modest speaker honorarium (sliding scale starting at $150) to speakers who don’t work for foundations AND for whom their participation as a speaker is not otherwise being meaningfully resourced.

We would like to be in conversation with speakers and come to this decision together so that we aren’t holding untested assumptions about your engagement with Philanthropy New York. We ask you to consider whether or not speaking at PNY provides a meaningful and tangible benefit to you or your organization or whether or not the speaking engagement is being funded by other means. (For example: Your organization has grant support to disseminate research or engage in partnerships and this speaking engagement is part of that strategy. Or, your organization has funding for speaking engagements. Or, your time for this speaking engagement is covered under budget allocation for business development or fundraising.)

When speaking at Philanthropy New York does not provide tangible benefit to you/your organization or you determine that the benefit is not proportional to the labor required of the commitment, PNY will provide an honorarium in recognition of your gift of time and talent.

For a fuller narrative of our decision-making process, please download our policy below. Our intention is for speakers to better understand our commitments and priorities. We acknowledge that we have benefited from the values-aligned thinking of our sector colleagues, who continue to support the evolution of an equitable speaker honorarium policy.

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