School-based Health Centers in New York State: Ensuring Sustainability & Establishing Opportunities for Growth

Publication date: 
January, 2014
Children’s Defense Fund

In this NYSHealth-supported report, the Children’s Defense Fund identifies ways to sustain New York State’s school-based health centers (SBHCs), while also achieving the goals of the Medicaid Redesign initiative, to serve New York’s most at-risk children.

New York State has 250 SBHCs, which provide regular, accessible, and affordable primary care to more than 200,000 underserved children from elementary through high school.

SBHCs ensure that children and youth have on-site access to health services to support their ability to learn, and they are often an important referral source for adolescents’ oral and mental health services. Research shows that SBHCs are a cost-effective approach linked to improved health, reduced absenteeism, and higher graduation rates.

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