Foundation Core Capacity Assessment Tool (FCCAT)

TCC Group
A new Foundation Core Capacity Assessment Tool (FCCAT), an online, statistically validated assessment measure was developed by TCC Group to help foundations make sense of their institutional capacity strengths and challenges.
While various tools exist that measure nonprofit capacity (including TCC Group's Core Capacity Assessment Tool, or CCAT, which has helped over 5000 nonprofits build their capacity strength), comparable measurement tools are lacking for foundations that wish to reflect on their own institutional capacity. 
The FCCAT has been developed to address this gap, responsive to our foundation clients' expressed interest and informed by our rich history of work in foundation strategy, governance, operations, and capacity building assessment.
With generous support from the Ford Foundation, TCC is able to offer this tool at no charge for a limited period of time, and to provide each foundation participant with a customized report describing results unique to their institution. 
As part of the Ford support TCC will look at initial trends in foundation capacity and will be producing a report for the field. (No individual foundations will be identified in any way in the field report.)  As a participant in the Ford-supported free FCCAT administration, participants will also be privy to early release of these larger field findings, including a limited invitation webinar presenting the aggregate findings.
Since registrants for this tool will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, TCC recommends that foundations sign up as soon as possible. The FCCAT is appropriate to foundations of all shapes and sizes, provided they have a minimum of three grantmaking staff to ensure confidentiality and quality analysis. Learn more about the tool and register on the website. 
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