Sustainability Committee

Group Type: 

Overarching Committee Mission:

The Sustainability Committee will develop, analyze, and recommend to the Board the best, well-vetted opportunities to grow and expand Philanthropy New York’s revenues designed to meet the needs of the sector while also providing opportunities to strengthen the work of our members. 

2016-2017 Priorities/Goals:

  • Recruit a class of committee members
  • Educate new committee members on the sustainability challenges and opportunities that the organization faces in the next 10 years
  • Review existing PNY membership privileges and dues structure and benchmark PNY offerings against other infrastructure groups in the field
  • Work with the Finance Committee to develop recommendations for the prudent use of PNY’s cash/investments for operations (ie – including some percentage of the investment funds as part of operating support each year) 
  • Work with the Finance Committee to review the suitability and cost/benefit of new financial sustainability opportunities for PNY with a focus on those opportunities that will support and enhance the value of PNY membership for foundations (dues structures, board giving, service-fees, earned income possibilities)

Committee Leadership:

  • Co-chair: Yvonne Moore,  Principal Advisor, Moore Philanthropy 
  • Co-chair: Joan Steinberg, Managing Director, Community Affairs & Foundation, Morgan Stanley


Members serve a two-year term

Key responsibilities:

Attend three meetings per year— September, February, May and possible summer meeting

  • Develops sustainability theory that fully incorporates all aspects of sustainability (value of membership as well as new fee-based activities)
  • Analyzes and reviews new opportunities in light of the cost and benefit of each opportunity
  • Generates new ideas for exploration that could support long-term financial sustainability
  • Champions PNY’s new business offerings among membership