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Changes to Philanthropy New York Staff: Nur Ibrahim and Katy Toolin Depart, Nicholas Collins Named New Executive Coordinator

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We are sad to announce that longtime Philanthropy New York employees Nur Ibrahim and Katy Toolin are departing our staff. Nur, who has served as Executive Coordinator since 2010, will be attending Duke University Law School this fall, and Katy, who...

Revitalizing Nonprofits: Renewing New York

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In 2011, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman convened a Committee of 32 nonprofit leaders from across the state to recommend proposals that would reduce regulatory burdens on nonprofits while strengthening governance and accountability. The Committee (whose membership includes Ronna Brown, President of Philanthropy New York) developed 38 concrete recommendations, presented to the Attorney General in this report.
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(Revised November 2009) Philanthropy New York is a nonprofit membership organization created in 1979 by the New York City philanthropic sector to promote and support the practice of effective philanthropy for the public good. Membership in...