Recap and Recordings: Money and Power in Post-Election America

Meeting Summary

Storify collection from "Money and Power in Post-Election America."

The conference's Breakout Sessions were not livestreamed, and the live Tweets from the sessions enable us to share those conversations with you!

Special thanks to all our conference Twitter partners (including The Century Foundation, The Commonwealth Fund and The New York Women’s Foundation)!  

Livestream Recordings

The Uneasy Relationship between Philanthropy and Politics: What A Century of History Suggests for the Future of Our Field—and Democracy Stanley Katz (introduced by Gara LaMarche)


The Changing Political Landscape: Is Philanthropy Keeping Up? moderated by Gara LaMarche, with Donna Edwards, William Schambra and Heather McGhee (introduced by Edward Skloot)


Philanthropy in Post-Election America: What’s Next? with Andrew Rasiej, Ai-jen Poo and Eric Schneiderman, who are later joined by Angela Glover Blackwell, James Knickman and Stanley Litow in a discussion moderated by Edward Skloot (You can also watch Andrew Rasiej's, Ai-jen Poo's and Eric Schneiderman's talks separately, below this recording.)


Philanthropy in Post-Election America: Andrew Rasiej


Philanthropy in Post-Election America: Ai-jen Poo


Philanthropy in Post-Election America: Eric Schneiderman

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