PNY Supports Inclusion of Nonprofits in COVID-19 Legislation

Official Statement of Philanthropy New York:

PNY Supports Inclusion of Nonprofits in COVID-19 Legislation

Under the leadership of the National Council of Nonprofits, a number of nonprofits have joined together to support the inclusion of the nonprofit sector in the COVID-19 congressional stimulus package. Nonprofits play a vital role in the American economy employing 12.3 million people and provide essential services.  Philanthropy New York urges Congress not to overlook the sector which will play a critical role during this time of national crisis. 

During this time of crisis around COVID-19, our nonprofit partners working on the front lines with populations most vulnerable to contracting the disease will be a critical linchpin in our national effort to combat this virus. Many nonprofits will face deep financial strain as staff are deployed above and beyond normal capacity while their resources remain flat or even decrease. Essential community services like meal delivery, mental health services, homeless and domestic violence shelters and food banks will all be disrupted. Despite the unwavering support of the philanthropic sector, philanthropy cannot fill the financial gap.  Government should ensure the safety and health of the American people by including nonprofits in the COVID-19 stimulus package.


Philanthropy New York urges Congress to include nonprofit organizations in the COVID-19 stimulus package to ensure the sector can remain financially viable and provide essential services to communities. Philanthropy New York and its members are committed to supporting the work of our nonprofit partners and asks that government take action to  ensure adequate funding for the Nonprofit sector.


Approved by Public Policy Committee on March 14, 2020
Approved by Executive Committee on March 14, 2020


Actions Taken to Support PNY's Policy Position