PNY 42nd Annual Meeting - Recordings








On June 3rd, more than 200 Philanthropy New York members gathered for our 42nd Annual Meeting. It was an afternoon of storytelling, learning, and community as we acknowledged the racialized inequity entrenched in philanthropy and examined the structures we want to address while working to shift our practices at an institutional and interpersonal level.

It was a time for our sector to reflect on our past and adapt to create a more equitable future.


Artist: An Invitation to Open Toward

Award-winning poet and professor Aracelis Girmay shared her intimate and transformative poetry and lead us in an experiment rooted in attention and "listening toward."

Phil Talk: A Look Back - What Happened Then Impacts Us Now

Author Gretchen Sorin (Director, Cooperstown Graduate Program and Author, Driving While Black: African American Travel and the Road to Civil Rights) shared how the nation's racist policies and practices have shaped our landscape today. From housing to healthcare to policing, Dr. Sorin unpacked the often invisible stories that are still impacting our current narratives.

Funders Panel: Dismantling Narratives - From Transaction to Transformation

Funding colleagues shared the ways they have named white supremacy culture within their institutions, challenged their own deeply held beliefs, and navigated the discomfort that often accompanies organizational and personal learning. This panel talked about the challenges that emerge when we work to shift power, center relationships, and move from transactional to transformational philanthropy.

Phil Talk: How To Use Your Personal Power for Institutional Transformation

JaNay Queen Nazaire (Senior Advisor, PSG Equity, Fellow, PolicyLink, and Senior Advisor, Living Cities) compelled us to identify our personal agency and ability to lead through the choices we make. Examine the ways that we uphold or dismantle the systems that each of us plays a role in creating.