Philanthropy’s Response To Hurricane Sandy

In 2012 and 2013, Philanthropy New York worked intensively with funders and other Regional Associations throughout the affected area to coordinate and track philanthropic responses to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. This page is where we posted all the information we were able to collect about our activities and those of others involved in the philanthropic response to Sandy. While we continue to respond to member interest in Sandy-related organizing, our work in this area is mostly complete.

One project that is still in progress is the research we are doing in partnership with the Foundation Center and the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers to document and assess the philanthropic community’s response to the Sandy disaster. We expect to release that report in September 2014.

Surveying the Post-Sandy Landscape at Six Months and One Year

Philanthropy New York's 34th Annual Meeting focused on Sandy recovery and community resilience on the six-month anniversary of the storm, a well-timed opportunity for our members to join with government officials, scientific experts, and nonprofit allies to discuss the ways that all of our sectors can strengthen the resiliency of our region and prepare it for the next disaster.

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Sandy, Philanthropy & A Year of Hard Lessons

At the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we convened an event to help the philanthropic community better understand how it can best support ongoing recovery and rebuilding efforts. Read the Storify collection of Tweets for highlights.

Philanthropy New York received funding from the Ford Foundation to produce Best Practices in Disaster Grantmaking in 2008. The report was designed to lay the groundwork for future response and recovery efforts, and help foundations, as well as individual donors, be better prepared. This work supported Philanthropy New York's Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts and the resources can be found here.