Philanthropic Advisors: Membership Eligibility and Dues

Many professional philanthropic advisors (both individual advisors and firms) are members of Philanthropy New York and active in PNY's learning community.


To be eligible for membership, philanthropic advisors routinely provide to their client(s) services that address the full range of grantmaking practice, including at least half of the following:

  • helping foundation staff (or, for family foundation clients, family members) develop their grantmaking priorities;
  • developing foundation strategies for specific grantmaking program areas;
  • crafting or managing grant application procedures;
  • researching and/or forging relationships with prospective grantees;
  • managing relationships with existing grantees;
  • coordinating the grant evaluation process, including the creation of proposal dockets for board review;
  • managing the disbursement of funds to grantees;
  • developing and coordinating the evaluation of grant outcomes.

Membership Dues

Advisory Firms

An advisory firm may become a full member of Philanthropy New York and give its entire staff access to programs and resources. (Please note that the membership for the advisory firm does not extend to trustees and staff of the firm’s client foundations.)

The firm determines its membership dues by multiplying Philanthropy New York’s prevailing Associate Membership fee [currently $1,200] by the firm’s number of FTE professional positions. A “professional” is defined as a staff member at or above the title of “Program Officer,” “Philanthropic Advisor” or equivalent, as well as administrative officers of equivalent rank.

Although we assess dues only on certain employees, the membership covers everyone at the firm.

Is your firm a full member of the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers (NNCG)?
PNY is pleased to offer a discount on membership dues for philanthropic advisors who are full members NNCG. Under the agreement, philanthropic advisory firms pay reduced dues to PNY at the rate of $750/person for the first five full-time professionals at the rank of Philanthropic Advisor or above, and $250/person for each such employee beyond the fifth person. 

Sole Practitioners

An individual philanthropic advisor may elect to join Philanthropy New York as a single-staffed advisory firm (as above) or as the representative of a client foundation. For the latter option, the client foundation will join as a regular member and pay standard PNY dues based on its grantmaking budget. The advisor will be listed on the foundation's membership roster and enjoy full member status as part of the client foundation's engagement with PNY.