Woodruff Foundation Reflects on Its First Decade

Thursday, February 11, 2016
Woodruff Foundation Reflects on Its First Decade
Friday, January 29, was Bob Woodruff's 10th Alive Day. As we reflect on the day that a roadside bomb nearly took Bob's life in Iraq, we celebrate the impact that moment has had over the last decade.
Inspired by the Woodruff's story of recovery, many asked Bob and Lee, "What can we do?" Seeing an opportunity to help our men and women in uniform, the Bob Woodruff Foundation was created to ensure that our troops have positive returns home.
In the decade since Bob's injuries, much has changed and we have evolved with the needs of our veterans. Our injured veterans are not truly back until they’re back into the fold, absorbed into their communities so that they may once again make significant impacts.
We have invested $30 million to find, fund and shape programs to meet the needs of today's injured veterans and their families. Building upon continued momentum, 2016 is poised to be a banner year for the foundation.
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