What Benefits One Might Benefit Us All

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

What Benefits One Might Benefit Us All

A Message from the President of Philanthropy New York, Ronna Brown, published originally in the New York PhilanthroPost Weekly November 1, 2017 edition

Philanthropy New York supports a number of different Issue-Based Working Groups. Some of these groups are staffed by PNY folks and others are ones we support by hosting events, supporting a list serve and sharing information with our broader membership. Many of the working groups that Philanthropy New York supports aim to both educate its own members about the issues in the field, but also to inform a broader array of funders about how their concerns figure into other program areas. For example, Funders for Gender Equity has been producing programs for the four years that explore the intersections of gender and health, education, justice reform and many other topics of concern to many of our members. Our ad hoc group of funders exploring topics on justice reform have looked at the intersections of gender, race, housing insecurity, poverty, mental health and addiction.

Another working group is the New York City Aging Funders Network, that will hold its Fall Meeting in a few weeks on November 21. This group, which meets twice a year, advances members’ knowledge of current and emerging needs among older adults. In doing so, the group looks to identify opportunities and challenges in funding effective organizations that are addressing these needs; educate the broader community of funders about the many misconceptions, even within the generally knowledgeable field of philanthropy, about aging; and highlight the importance of focusing on the needs and capacities of older adults in the context of philanthropy directed toward health, arts, economic security, education, and other objectives.  

An important and key message is that supporting the aging population benefits the entire population. The network also helps funders to think more creatively about how to support older adults and ensure that they remain a vibrant part of a community that values their knowledge and wisdom and while supporting their needs.  

Consider joining the New York City Aging Funders Network meeting this month to learn more. You can register for the meeting on November 21 here. And please, look at the list of all of the different Working Groups to see which groups might support the work of your foundation.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support of PNY and the philanthropic community in New York.

Ronna Brown