Trump’s Stake in Housing Complex Spurs Lawsuit Over Sale

Friday, September 29, 2017

Trump’s Stake in Housing Complex Spurs Lawsuit Over Sale

Owners of Starrett City are trying to offload the massive Brooklyn housing complex – which President Trump has a small stake in – for less than fair-market value in a deal “riven with conflicts of interest,” according to investors who are suing to stop the $850 million sale.

The group of plaintiffs, including heirs of late real-estate investor Disque D. Deane and San Francisco-based investment firm Belveron Partners who collectively own a 15.4 percent limited partnership in the more than 5,881-unit complex, accuse the owners of being driven by conflicts of interest and refusing to turn over information about the “below-market” sale. The owners “determined this past summer to pursue an expedited sale through what they euphemistically called a ‘targeted and customized marketing process,’ directed by a conflicted broker, and entertained only a single offer,” their lawsuit, filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court, alleged. ...

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