Trinity Church Wall Street Announces Nearly $21 Million in Grants for Nonprofits in New York City and Throughout the World

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Trinity Church Wall Street Announces Nearly $21 Million in Grants for Nonprofits in New York City and Throughout the World

NEW YORK, NY, November 30 – Trinity Church Wall Street has awarded $20.84 million in grants to nonprofits, many of them focused on fighting for racial justice in New York City through ending the cycles of mass incarceration and mass homelessness.

The grantees, who received grants from $50,000 to $1 million, are on the frontline of aiding some of the most vulnerable in New York City.  The work these groups are doing ranges from addressing housing instability for homeless youth to gun violence prevention programs.

“Trinity is in a unique position where year after year, we can support organizations that are working hard to make New York City a more equitable, safe, and inclusive city. We see ourselves as partner with these groups in the important work they’re doing,” said the Rev. Phillip A. Jackson, Priest-in-charge of Trinity Church Wall Street.  “These grants are a critical part of our mission to serve our neighbors.”

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to exacerbate the housing crisis in New York City and its effects on groups that are at an elevated risk of homelessness.  Because of this, Trinity is giving over $1 million to organizations that help homeless and runaway youth between the ages of 16 and 25 by providing access to support services and housing stability. This includes $375,000 to groups that work specifically with LGBTQ+ youth.

Among that group, Hetrick-Martin Institute is receiving $100,000 to launch the LGBTQ Youth Homeless Prevention Program, and New Alternatives for Homeless LGBTQ Youth, will use $75,000 to support their mission of helping youth transition out of the shelter system into stable adult lives.

“Far too many youth in our city experience housing insecurity and homelessness. Many are escaping abuse and violence at home, often times linked to being rejected because they identify as LGBTQ+. In addition to housing options, these youth need services specifically designed to address the underlying trauma they face. Trinity is proud to support organizations that are dedicated to meeting the needs of this population in this last round of funding” said Bea de la Torre, Managing Director, Housing and Homelessness at Trinity Church Wall Street Philanthropies. 

Overall, more than $6.7 million will aid nonprofits working in the areas of housing and homelessness.

Racial and criminal justice continues to be a theme in the work of Trinity’s grantees. In this cycle, $4.8 million will go to organizations focused on these areas...

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