Teagle Foundation Gives $2M for College/Community Partnerships

Monday, March 14, 2016

Teagle Foundation Gives $2M for College/Community Partnerships

The Teagle Foundation’s Board of Directors has approved over $2 million in grants across 11 projects under its “College-Community Connections” (CCC) program. Funds were also awarded under the Foundation’s “Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences” initiative as well as a special dissemination project.  

The signature work of CCC features collaborations between New York City community-based organizations and colleges and universities to introduce high school students from underserved communities to liberal arts education. Since 2005, the partnerships have engaged hundreds of high school students with college faculty to help the students envision their own potential as future college scholars.  

To refine program activities toward evaluation across all funded projects, the Foundation sought the guidance of the Research Alliance for New York City Public Schools for this fifth cycle of support.

President Judith Shapiro states, “We have been proud supporters of our College-Community Connections partners and look forward to their continued efforts toward academic achievement with the youth of New York City. As we embark on this next phase of the initiative, we are eager to share what we have learned about our program model with the broader college access and success community, as well as with fellow funders.” 

In total, six partnerships were provided funding. The Foundation also provided support to five individual community-based organizations with which it has longstanding partnerships in their delivery of college access programs.

In addition to the CCC awards, the Foundation provided a grant to the Graduate Center of the City University of New York under its “Graduate Student Teaching” initiative for the preparation of future faculty to teach an increasingly diverse undergraduate population. A dissemination grant was also awarded to spread findings of previously funded work on assessing for student learning in liberal arts disciplines. The effort was led by co-author of Academic Adrift, Richard Arum. 

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