Simons Family 'Giving Big' on Climate Change

Monday, August 21, 2017

Simons Family 'Giving Big' on Climate Change

The patriarch of the Simons clan is best known for his math chops and science philanthropy. But heirs Nat and Liz Simons are taking the family’s hedge fund fortune a different direction with some serious climate giving. 

Around these parts, Jim Simons, who is worth $14 billion, is a staff-favorite science philanthropist due to his quirky personality, crazy life story, and his and wife Marilyn’s game-changing giving. But his kids Nat Simons and Liz Simons are really running with the family’s philanthropic legacy lately, albeit in a different direction. We’ve covered Nathaniel Simons' quiet climate change giving via his Sea Change Foundation, which is one of the nation's largest funders of climate and clean energy work. (It gave out $40 million in 2013.) But his sister Liz Simons is shaking things up in this realm too with a recent big announcement. . .

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