Schott Foundation Introduces the Loving Communities Response Fund

Friday, April 3, 2020

Schott Foundation Introduces the Loving Communities Response Fund

Like us, you are likely asking how you can most effectively support life-saving work in our nation’s most vulnerable communities — if so, please read on.

Organizations and communities supported by the Schott Foundation come from generations of people grounded in community, organized and resilient in the face of structural violence and institutionalized racism. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the inequities and challenges they must confront now are even greater. We must stand in solidarity to sustain and strengthen this vital network of advocates and the families and students whom they support, to both survive in the months ahead and sow the seeds of a better world in the future.

Schott’s partners are providing critically needed aid in their communities, just as they’ve done during previous crises. At the same time, they are fighting to ensure those most impacted by school closures, job and housing insecurity, and hunger are included in shaping policies and allocating resources. 

In response to this extraordinary moment, Schott, working in partnership with national organizations like the Journey for Justice Alliance and the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, has created the Loving Communities Response Fund. Every dollar you donate to this fund will go directly to support community-led grassroots organizations who serve youth and families directly impacted.

Donate and your impact will be doubled: each dollar you give will be matched 1:1 by a generous anonymous donor.

We must act in solidarity and do all we can: join us in giving today!