Rockefeller Supported, ‘Futures of Work” Report Examines Global Disruptions

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Rockefeller Supported, ‘Futures of Work” Report Examines Global Disruptions
Workers everywhere will be affected by accelerating disruptions to the world of work—yet people in different economic positions will be impacted in very different ways, according to The Futures of Work, a groundbreaking new report from Foresight Alliance, a Washington DC-based foresight consultancy.
Supported by a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation, the report encapsulates a year-long study of forecasts for work and working populations. "There are a tremendous number of studies, forecasts, and scenarios about the future of work," said Claudia Juech, associate vice president and managing director for Strategic Research at The Rockefeller Foundation. "But not enough focus on the changes that people who have low incomes or are otherwise vulnerable and marginalized may experience. Foresight Alliance's report aims to help address this research gap by cataloguing the drivers of change for this group, in addition to unpacking their potential effects over the next five years."
In the sea of current thinking about this urgent topic, The Futures of Work is unique for its breadth—exploring the futures of everyone from white-collar workers in high-income countries to subsistence farmers. . .
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