Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Releases Global Research Reports on Strategic Time Horizons in Philanthropy

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Releases Global Research Reports on Strategic Time Horizons in Philanthropy

Strategic time horizons are increasingly becoming the subject of thoughtful discussions within philanthropic organizations, causing a shift away from in-perpetuity models as the default approach. Driven by our mission to help donors around the world create thoughtful and effective philanthropy, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors is exploring how these decisions are being made, and how they impact the overall approach and operations of donors and their institutions.

Our latest research is captured in two reports that examine the inner workings, trends, practices, and challenges of family and institutional philanthropy on a global scale through a time horizon lens. This is the only global research about philanthropy that includes views not only on reasons for giving, but on causes, giving geographies, time horizons, decision-making and next-generation involvement.

The research reveals interesting trends and findings on:

  • The growth of time-limited philanthropy over the last two decades.
  • How families in the United States, Europe and Asia involve the next generation in their philanthropy.
  • Top reasons for giving, and how those reasons are impacted by time horizons.
  • Vehicles for giving, by region and by donor type.
  • Perceptions of effectiveness of different strategic time horizons.

Through the insights from this research, we hope to create resources for funders that advance the field and practice of philanthropy. We are grateful to The Atlantic Philanthropies for their continued support of, and contributions to, this work.

Download the reports below.

Global Trends and Strategic Time Horizons in Family Philanthropy

Created in partnership with Campden Wealth, this report reflects findings from a survey and interviews with over 200 ultra-high net worth families engaged in philanthropy.

Strategic Time Horizons: A Global Snapshot of Foundation Approaches

Focused on foundation giving, this report includes a global exploration of various dimensions of strategic time horizons and examines strategies and operations, as well as perceived advantages and disadvantages of different philanthropic timeframes.

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