Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Expands SEED Program, Adding 3 Locales in 2016

Friday, December 11, 2015
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Expands SEED Program, Adding 3 Locales in 2016 
The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation has announced the expansion of its SEED program into Appalachia, Houston, and Santa Fe in 2016. This follows the success of the Foundation's pilot support to 36 cultural projects across the United States. 
SEED is a combination of risk capital and value added support to early stage, groundbreaking projects in ten cities across the United States: Atlanta, Boise, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Phoenix, Portland, Providence, and New Orleans. 
Past grants have focused on innovation in arts and culture. Identified by local cultural leaders, the foundation provided grants to small- to mid-size arts organizations at their earliest operational stages, even before those organizations may have had structures in place to execute other fundraising activities. The grants allowed leadership to shore up their capacity so that they could focus instead on expanding and enriching their local cultural landscape.
As part of their award, SEED grantees were invited to spend a week together at the Rauschenberg Residency to share their knowledge and skills. 
In 2016, the Foundation will expand the SEED program to Appalachia (Eastern Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia), Houston, and Santa Fe, as well as deepen its support in Detroit and New Orleans. Moving into Appalachia and Santa Fe will allow SEED funding to reach more rural and indigenous communities, while deepening investment in Detroit and New Orleans will further fuel these cities as hotbeds for exceptional cultural practices.
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