Remembering Paul Newman

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Remembering Paul Newman

The video, Remembering Paul, includes never before seen footage as the actor gives a tour of the Newman’s Own office, pointing to the outdoor furniture he brought over from his home. “When we first got started, we had no furniture so we took the pool furniture,” says Newman. “It was September and we were ready to shut down. So we brought it in here.”

The business of doing good all began with a salad dressing, back in 1982, when Newman and his friend, A. E. Hotchner, made a small batch of vinaigrette as Christmas presents for their friends. When they kept returning for more, he got the idea — his dressing could make money for a good cause. Told the products would sell better in supermarkets if he put his face on the label, Newman says, “Once we decided that’s what we wanted to do, we decided we’d give the money away.”

“We had no idea whether the business would be successful,” admits Newman, who from the beginning, insisted that 100 percent of the after tax profits go straight to charities and causes he believed in...

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