A Q&A with Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors’ CEO

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Q&A with Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors’ CEO

We are on the cusp of philanthropy’s next big wave. The charitable sector is no longer limited to just giving grants to organizations and wishing them well. Whether it’s creating social change by engaging in advocacy, impact investing, or collaborative efforts designed to deliver outsized impact, foundations, philanthropists, and investors are showing a desire to experiment, be creative, and innovate with their charitable giving like never before.

At the center of this profound shift is Arabella Advisors, a certified B Corporation that has helped hundreds of clients representing more than $100 billion in assets increase their philanthropic impact. Arabella Advisors’ team of problem solvers helps clients make a difference on the issues that matter most to them, including community and economic development, climate issues, women’s rights, education, good food, and more. . .

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