Points of Pride from 2017

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Points of Pride from 2017

A Message from the President of Philanthropy New York, Ronna Brown 

Before we get too far from last year, we thought it would be a good idea to draw your attention to some PNY highlights from 2017. While the last year was certainly tumultuous on the political, cultural and social fronts, it was also a year filled with focused activity and a shared sense of dedication among PNY staff and trustees to supporting our members and the communities you each serve. 

Here are just a few accomplishments from 2017:

  • PNY hosted 234 programs – that’s more than ever!  One reason we had so many events was that we developed strong partnerships with a range of national and local issue and identity-based Philanthropy-Serving Organizations (PSOs). The majority of those programs (121) were held at our conference facilities at 1500 Broadway. 
  • As promised, we developed in-depth multi-day trainings. Two examples are the racial equity training with Race Forward and the funder advocacy trainings with the Advocacy Institute.  We will offer more in-depth trainings over the course of 2018.
  • PNY took three formal policy positions in 2017– the most ever!
  • The New York PhilanthroPost is a great and dynamic hub of information for and about our members and a wider audience. Subscriptions have risen every year since we launched in 2014, up 19% in 2017 – mostly through word of mouth. If you are not getting it, please subscribe to take advantage of this daily resource.
  • Members were active leaders and participants in our six committees. Each committee contributes to a strong and vibrant PNY. 
  • Our four Issue-based working groups on Education, Health, Gender and International Grantmaking provided outstanding programming and opportunities for members to share and learn from each other. (PNY also provides some support to another eight local working groups.)
  • And we celebrate the addition of 13 new PNY members!

We are excited about 2018 and the ways we will actively support you with new and relevant programs, networking opportunities, public policy and communications support, and the myriad other connections and services we provide our members every year.  

As always, your input is fundamental to our work and we hope you will share your ideas on how Philanthropy New York can best strengthen and support your work in the coming year.

Thank you for your ongoing support of PNY and the entire philanthropic community.

Best regards, Ronna

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