PNY's President Gives Insight on Funder Collaboration

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
PNY's President Gives Insight on Funder Collaboration
Private foundations are a little different. While the emphasis on legacy is no less important — it may be even more important for private foundations — they also don’t have the same resources as public charities. Collaborating on a shared issue could be beneficial to private foundations, if they find a way to do so without conflicting with each other’s mission.
Ronna Brown, president of Philanthropy New York, an organization that connects people, institutions and resources, said 15 foundations recently came together to do research on public school education. They provided this information on the state of education in New York City to Mayor Bill de Blasio.
“The 15 had very different philosophies about public education,” she said. “We were looking at what is successful and what needs improvement....”
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