PNY is Headed to Capitol Hill - Learn More about Foundations on the Hill and Why We're Going

Friday, February 16, 2024

On February 25th, Philanthropy New York staff and members will be traveling to Washington D.C. to join philanthropy networks from around the country at Foundations on the Hill (FOTH). During our time there, the group will be meeting with elected officials from both New York City and State to advocate for the critical issues that impact the philanthropic sector, the communities that we serve, and our member's public policy goals.

Below, we've answered a list of questions about why we're attending FOTH, what we’re advocating for, and how you can engage and participate!

What is Foundations on the Hill?

Foundations on the Hill (FOTH) is organized every year by the United Philanthropy Forum, a membership network of which PNY is a member. The goal of FOTH is to bring philanthropic networks together to collectively advocate for issues that are important to the philanthropic sector before Congress. It provides a centralized date and time to share resources with policymakers about the critical issues that affect our collective work.

What is the purpose of FOTH?

The purpose of FOTH is to make sure that legislation that happens at the federal level is done in a way that bolsters the philanthropic sector’s ability to do the work of supporting everyday Americans.

We know that the federal rules that regulate philanthropic giving and the nonprofit ecosystem are critical. Attending Foundations on the Hill provides an important platform for our members to be heard by policymakers and share their insights and what they're seeing on the ground from the communities that they serve. 

Bringing together the PSO community from across the country is a critical show of strength, collaboration, and coordination around the issues and shows how the PNY community Is living up to its core values. 

What is Philanthropy New York advocating for on the Hill? How does this align with our Strategic Framework and policy goals?

Philanthropy New York is advocating that our representatives support bills, legislation, and policies that create a thriving nonprofit ecosystem. This includes issues around:

  • Reforming nonprofit contracting: Our ongoing efforts with local government aim to ensure that nonprofit organizations receive on-time and complete contract payments. This initiative is pivotal for enhancing the sustainability of nonprofits and enabling them to continue their impactful work. 
  • Advocacy for a living wage: We are actively engaged in advocating for a living wage for nonprofit employees, recognizing the importance of fair compensation for those dedicated to serving our communities. 
  •  Impact of underfunding the safety net in NYC: We would like to discuss the escalating budget cuts in New York City, especially given the increasing number of new New Yorkers. Understanding the challenges posed by these circumstances is essential for informed decision-making.
  • Increasing the capacity for nonprofit lobbying and advocacy: Policies like the new Nonprofit SEAT Act that scale effective solutions, expand nonprofit lobbying thresholds, and meet the unique needs of nonprofit workers are critical to a healthy sector. 

We believe that these are equity issues. The nonprofit sector largely employs women and people of color, and nonprofits serve the women and people of color within our country, state, and city who have been disproportionately impacted by negative policies. By working to create a stronger ecosystem, and supporting non-profit workers in that space, and the people who benefit from the work of the nonprofit sector and the generosity of the philanthropic sector.

Who is attending FOTH from Philanthropy New York community?

The group of Philanthropy New York staff and members will be attending FOTH this year includes:

  • Neill Coleman, Principal, Mission Magnified
  • Ariane Cruz, Manager, Public Policy & Collaboration, Philanthropy New York
  • Blayne Fergus, Associate, Public Policy & Collaboration, Philanthropy New York
  • Patrice R. Green, Vice President of Programs, Surdna Foundation
  • Shawn Morehead, Vice President of Grants, The New York Community Trust
  • Kathryn O’Neal-Dunham, CEO, Philanthropy New York
  • Marlon Williams, Vice President, Public Policy & Collaboration, Philanthropy New York

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