Pinkerton Honors a ‘New York Treasure,' Sister Paulette LoMonaco

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Pinkerton Honors a ‘New York Treasure,' Sister Paulette LoMonaco
A $2 Million Grant to Good Shepherd Services Recognizes Sr. Paulette LoMonaco

December 16, 2019--The Pinkerton Foundation has awarded a $2 million grant to Good Shepherd Services in honor of Sister Paulette LoMonaco and her 50 years of extraordinary leadership in service to the children and families of New York City, Pinkerton President and CEO Rick Smith announced today.

“For a half century Sr. Paulette has been a builder, a leader, a fierce advocate for young people, a genuine New York treasure,” Smith said. “She and her Good Shepherd team go where the needs are the greatest and create life-changing opportunities for the 30,000 youth and families they serve each year. We are honored to recognize her legacy.”

Sr. Paulette retired this month from Good Shepherd. Her successor is Michelle Yanche. a longtime member of the agency’s leadership team.

Pinkerton made its first grant to Good Shepherd in 1984, and in 1998 made a $1 million capital grant for Good Shepherd’s South Brooklyn High School –an innovative transfer high school in Red Hook for young people who are over-aged and under-credited. Today, the foundation’s support for Good Shepherd includes grants for its wide array of after-school programs, LifeLink--a college success program for academically at-risk students--and a mentored internship program for young people aging out of foster care.

The Pinkerton grant announced today is payable over the next four years and comes with no restrictions. “We have the utmost confidence in the organization Sr. Paulette has built and in her wonderful successor Michelle Yanche,” said Laurie Dien, Vice President and Executive Director for Programs.  “We know that the young people of New York will be the direct beneficiaries of this grant.”

Responding to news of the grant, Sr. Paulette said: “Through the years, our strong partnership with the Pinkerton Foundation has been a pivotal factor in our growth and development. The foundation’s compassionate approach to youth and family development, its understanding of trauma and the importance of mentorship have made a lasting impact on both Good Shepherd and the field. I am so grateful for this recognition.”

“This grant will help us continue to drive forward our mission of expanding opportunity for youth and families in our most under-resourced communities,” said Michelle Yanche. “ We are so grateful for the partnership and generosity that The Pinkerton Foundation has extended to us. This gift, like Sr. Paulette’s legacy, will live on through its life-changing impact on the communities we serve.”

The Pinkerton Foundation supports community-based organizations and institutions serving economically disadvantaged young people in New York City. Many of the programs take place in after-school, weekend or summer hours and focus on providing opportunities for academic development, career readiness, cultural enrichment and youth leadership. Pinkerton also supports a number of mentoring, training and internship programs that offer a way forward for young people involved in the criminal justice system or after years in foster care. Last year, the foundation made grants of $32 million to more than 275 organizations.


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