Our Move

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Our Move

Last week, we announced that Philanthropy New York would be moving to the newly renovated Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice in early 2019.  It was exciting news for us to share with our membership and a decision we believe will build a stronger, more collaborative and uniquely inspired community as PNY moves into our 40th year and beyond.

As with any major decision, there were key factors that our Board took into consideration. Most importantly, the Board looked at our mission and determined that this move was aligned with that mission and would increase the capacity of our membership to serve the public good.  Similarly, the Board determined that the move was in line with PNY’s core values and would support our members’ work to develop a more equitable, sustainable, and democratic society.

One of the core ways we support your work is by providing opportunities for you to get together and learn from others. Better technology, more flexible convening spaces and exciting new amenities are a few ways we anticipate this move will provide new opportunities to build networks and nurture individual members’ skills and knowledge.

And, equally important, moving to this new space ensures we will be able to do so for decades to come. Securing reasonable and fairly priced space for a 20-year period provides PNY with long-term fiscal stability – one of the core pillars of our strategic plan, while simultaneously supporting a strong, vibrant and well-connected community of funders in New York City.

Over the next several months we will pass along more details about our move. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. We are looking forward to actively supporting you and your colleagues in the new year and in our new home. 

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