Open Society Foundations Announce 2018 Leadership in Government Fellows

Monday, March 5, 2018

Open Society Foundations Announce 2018 Leadership in Government Fellows

Developing policies to better protect refugee communities. Pushing to boost the civic participation of people of color and women in local communities. Fortifying the ability of state and local governments to enforce civil rights laws. Strengthening protections for the growing number of Americans in independent contractor, gig economy and temporary work arrangements.

These are the projects being undertaken by the 2018 recipients of the Open Society Foundations’ Leadership in Government Fellowship, an initiative supporting seasoned public servants chosen from the senior ranks of federal, state and local government who have advanced economic and social justice.

The program, now in its second year, is intended to help fellows build on their time in the public sector to develop ideas and strategies that advance the values of an open society. Fellows are also encouraged to reflect on their public service as they decide on the next steps in their careers and share insights with advocates and others about how to make policy change—at a time when public confidence in government has reached historic lows.

Grantees and staff from the Foundations also have the opportunity to learn from the fellows’ distinguished careers about how to better navigate government and leverage its resources to develop strategies that advance and defend economic and social justice in a time of rising authoritarianism in the United States...

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