NYSHealth Selects Seven Hospitals to Receive Grant Funds to Implement OpenNotes

Thursday, October 12, 2017

NYSHealth Selects Seven Hospitals to Receive Grant Funds to Implement OpenNotes 

The New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) has selected seven hospitals across the State for grant awards totaling nearly $900,000 to help them adopt or spread OpenNotes and spur patient engagement. OpenNotes is national movement that gives patients and their caregivers access to the clinical notes written by health care providers. When patients have access to their own health information, they become equal partners with providers in managing their own care and are better able to develop stronger relationships with their health care team--all of which results in improved patient care and experience. 

"Empowered patients participate actively in their own care, and that requires easy and complete access to their own visit notes. OpenNotes literally and figuratively puts patients and their providers on the same page to improve the care experience and outcomes," said David Sandman, Ph.D., President and CEO of NYSHealth. "While millions of Americans have access to their notes, the adoption of OpenNotes has been slow to take hold in New York State. Led by these innovative hospital systems, OpenNotes should become a standard of care across the State."

"As the first in the country to support OpenNotes at the state level, NYSHealth sets the bar in its commitment to transparency in health care," said Catherine M. DesRoches, Dr.P.H., Executive Director of OpenNotes...

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