NYCT Funding Pilot Program for In-school STI Testing

Friday, October 17, 2014
NYCT Funding Pilot Program for In-school STI Testing
At some point in their lives, most sexually active people will be infected with a sexually transmitted infection, or STI. About 20 million new cases of STIs are diagnosed annually. Despite being a common, preventable, and treatable health problem, a lack of information, shame, and stigma tend to characterize the nation’s discussions about STIs—even though they represent a severe risk to the public and economic health of the United States.
Given the sheer number of individuals who seek STI care at publicly funded clinics—whether community, independent, health department, or Title X clinics—as well as the fact that the most-comprehensive STI care is provided at these clinics, it is absolutely imperative to the health of the nation that all service sites remain open and accessible even with expansion of people covered by private insurance. These sites should work in conjunction with private providers and educational services to prevent the spread of STIs and promote their treatment. Through these efforts, individuals who are affected by STIs will have the necessary access to treatment and care that they need, and the nation will begin to see progress in decreasing the rates of infection and stigma associated with STIs....
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