NY Women’s Foundation Announces Seven More Regional Young Women’s Initiatives

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

NY Women’s Foundation Announces Seven More Young Women’s Initiatives

At 18:18 on the video Ana Oliveira announces that 7 other women's foundations across the United States will initiate Young Women's Initiatives.

I am Ana Oliveira, President and CEO of The New York Women’s Foundation. It is an honor to stand here today with my colleagues from women's foundations around our country to share how we are creating solutions.

Last November, we came together at the White House to announce Prosperity Together. Prosperity Together is a partnership of 27 women's foundations who – together - committed $100 million dollars over 5 years to support economic well-being for all women and families in the United States.

Today, we’re delighted to announce our next project together: the Young Women's Initiative.

Started in New York City, with the New York City Council, the Young Women’s Initiative, is the nation’s first-ever cross-sector campaign that will close the disparities that young women of color experience and ensure equal opportunity.  

Created with the leadership of young women of color and community leaders at the center, - many of whom are here today -  it brings together other advocates, researchers, policy experts, philanthropy, and government.

As a cross-sector partnership, we produce results together that we cannot produce alone. In NY, we have created a report and are carrying out recommendations on changes and investments that are necessary to address racial, gender and economic equity for girls, young women and trans youth of color. 

The Young Women's Initiative also mobilizes additional investments and support for girls and young women of color from government and from foundations. For instance, the NYC Council committed 10 million dollars of new funding, which has been matched by The New York Women’s Foundation and our philanthropy partners. This creates an unprecedented investment of new 20 million dollars to New York City’s young women of color. And I know my colleagues at other women’s foundation will inspire and elevate these same investments, with young women of color leading the solutions.

All of my sister foundations and I are grateful to - and thank the White House Council on Women and Girls - for your support and leadership. You have helped to unite us, and inspired the growth of this innovative, community-driven initiative to other parts of the country! Your support is opening doors and partners, bringing visibility, expanding our reach, and elevating the voices and needs of young women of color, state by state.

It is an honor for me to announce that SEVEN more women’s foundations are starting Young Women’s Initiatives in their own regions, and I want to quickly highlight them:

Ø Women's Foundation of Minnesota

Ø The Women's Foundation of California

Ø Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis

Ø Washington Area Women's Foundation

Ø Dallas Women's Foundation

Ø The Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham

Ø Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts  

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