NY Women’s Foundation: $2.4 Million in Grants to Address Needs of Women & Families in New York City

Monday, July 24, 2017

NY Women’s Foundation: $2.4 Million in Grants to Address Needs of Women & Families in New York City

The New York Women’s Foundation (The Foundation) announced a total of $2,400,000 in grants awarded to 37 organizations working to promote economic security and justice for women and families throughout New York City. Building on The Foundation’s history of success, these investments show strategic growth and continue to strengthen their position as the premier women’s fund in the United States.

The grants address a range of issues across The Foundation’s core focus areas of Economic Security, Anti-Violence & Safety, Health, Sexual Rights, and Reproductive Justice. In addition to focus areas by issue, they also transverse strategies integral to long-lasting change, including individual transformation, community engagement, mobilization, and systemic change.

Through key investment strategies, The Foundation is working to strengthen efforts that support girls, young women, and gender fluid youth of color to achieve their full potential to accelerate a shift towards gender and racial equity; deepen support of emerging community organizations, invest in programs and incentives to bring women’s leadership to the forefront of our political process; and focus on asset-building in underserved communities that promotes economic and social wellbeing that is driven by solutions sourced from within those neighborhoods. 

Taken together, these grants address a continuum of complex needs faced by women, girls and families living at or below the poverty level. In 2016, The New York Women’s Foundation distributed a total of $7.6 million including $250,000 in capacity building and technical assistance grants, and $2.11 million as the administrator of The NYC Fund for Women and Girls in NYC. Since 1987, The New York Women’s Foundation has distributed over $58 million to over 350 organizations working to meet the needs of women and families across New York City. . . 

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