NY Times Profiles James Simons, Simons Foundation

Monday, July 7, 2014
NY Times Profiles James Simons, Simons Foundation
In a New York Times profile, philanthropist James Simons is described as a "seeker, doer, giver, ponderer," who runs a "tidy universe of science endeavors, financing not only math teachers but hundreds of the world's best investigators."
As the article notes, working "with his wife, Marilyn, the president of the Simons Foundation and an economist credited with philanthropic savvy, Dr. Simons has pumped more than $1 billion into esoteric projects as well as retail offerings like the World Science Festival and a scientific lecture series at his Fifth Avenue building. Characteristically, it is open to the public." 
The Times also reports that Simons said his giving has been accelerating and that he was "particularly proud of Math for America," a foundation that he established in 2004 to promote the the teaching of math in schools....
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