NoVo Foundation: Seeking LOIs for Radical Hope Fund to Support Strategies for Transformation

Monday, July 31, 2017

NoVo Foundation: Seeking LOIs for Radical Hope Fund to Support Strategies for Transformation

The NoVo Foundation is seeking Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) for its Radical Hope Fund to support efforts that are bold and imaginative, focused on building the required movements, with efforts that will springboard communities forward in this moment of both crisis and opportunity. This means that people must engage in strategies that are adaptive and that aim for transformation rather than solely incremental change.

In the spirit of boldness and imagination, the Radical Hope Fund will focus on supporting the following essential strategies for change:

Bringing communities together for cross-issue, cross-sectoral organizing that centers feminist leadership, including but not limited to policy advocacy campaigns
Global solidarity and transnational movement-building connecting issues and movements that are aligned in their purpose and vision
Leveraging the power of media, culture, and the arts to engage in storytelling and share ideas, moving hearts and minds for change, including creating new strategic platforms and collaboration between artists/culture-makers and movement organizations
Seeding experiments in building new structures and systems to propel us into a world that is oriented around interdependence, mutuality, and love rather than domination and extraction, with an emphasis on cultivating local, community-driven solutions

Deadline: 4 October 2017

Funding Information

Total Project Budgets should be at least $250,000 per year. In the case of a single organization, project budgets should not exceed 33 percent of the organization’s total annual budget. In the case of some newly formed initiatives/coalitions/campaigns, the project budget may be the same as the total budget of the collaboration, but should not exceed 33 percent of the total combined organizational budgets. . . 

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