NoVo Foundation Launches Fourth Cycle of Move to End Violence

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NoVo Foundation Launches Fourth Cycle of Move to End Violence

Today, the NoVo Foundation, created in 2006 by Jennifer and Peter Buffett, has named 21 phenomenal leaders to participate in the 4th cohort cycle of Move to End Violence, a 10-year capacity building program designed to support those who are strengthening the movement to end violence against girls and women.

Move to End Violence grew out of the NoVo Foundation’s core commitment to social justice, and its vision of a future in which all girls and all women can live free from violence and discrimination, act as change agents on their own behalf, and lead us to a better world. Knowing that social transformation of this magnitude would require a powerful movement of well-resourced leaders from strong, healthy organizations, NoVo launched Move to End Violence in 2010.

Since then, every two years, Move to End Violence has an open call for innovative leaders who are bringing visionary solutions to ending violence against all girls and women in the United States, including cis, trans and those who are gender nonconforming. Through the encouragement and teaching of many leaders in the movement, Move to End Violence is continually challenging itself to center the wisdom, experience, and leadership of the most affected. This cycle intentionally emphasized the leadership of those from and working within marginalized communities being politically targeted in this time, including Black, immigrant, Muslim and transgender communities – communities that have been historically under-invested in and under-acknowledged for their contributions to the movement. Twenty-one extraordinary leaders, all women of color and Indigenous women, have been selected for their work at the intersection of oppressions and their collective potential for leading us forward toward liberation...

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