NoVo Foundation Featured in Funder Spotlight

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NoVo Foundation Featured in Funder Spotlight

The NoVo Foundation recently announced its Radical Hope Fund, a multi-year commitment to bold and transformative social justice work across the globe. With a motivation to give social justice leaders ‘room to dream,’ and a desire to support efforts over four years, this fund embodies trust-based philanthropy in many ways. As part of our ongoing series featuring trust-in-practice, TWI sat down with NoVo Executive Director Pamela Shifman (pictured) to get the full scoop:

How is the Radical Hope Fund different from your usual grantmaking? 

Overall, the Radical Hope Fund complements NoVo’s current work, either by supporting organizations that don’t thematically align with our current initiatives or encouraging existing partners to explore ways to go deeper with connection, collaboration, and courage.

For the majority of our grantmaking, NoVo almost always provides general operating support, since we believe in organizations making their own choices about how they spend their resources to advance their mission. But in this case, the Radical Hope Fund is actually project-based. Our vision is to inspire groups to think outside the box with a specific project in mind, something outside of their current status quo. . .

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