LGBT-Themed Films Receive Support From New Arcus Fund

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
LGBT-Themed Films Receive Support From New Arcus Fund
Nine LGBT-themed documentary films have been selected for support from the Arcus Foundation Fund at Sundance Institute.
Established in 2013, the fund supports independent, high potential documentary film projects focused on LGBT issues and that at different stages of development, production, and distribution. Filmmakers who want to distribute films on their own also receive creative, tactical, and financial support.
"Filmmaking has always been a powerful medium for directly engaging audiences on complex issues and informing public conversations that drive social progress," said Jason McGill, Vice President, Social Justice Programs. "LGBT people have benefited tremendously in recent decades by courageously becoming more visible in and accepted by their families, faith communities and workplaces. We see great potential to reinforce this visibility and acceptance through documentary films that reveal and celebrate the diverse lived experiences of LGBT people."
Film projects received funding based on the following criteria: quality of information and storytelling effectiveness; the pressing nature of the contemporary social issue; global subject relevance; potential for reach and impact; creative and artistic innovation; and potential for completion....
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