JPMorgan Chase Releases New Data Platform, The Good Jobs Index

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

J.P Morgan Chase Releases New Data Platform, The Good Jobs Index

New research that is part of a collaboration with Georgetown University to bring accessible, useful data about the US labor market to workers, employers, policymakers and civic leaders.  The Good Jobs Index is a new data platform that provides a window into the shifting realities of employment opportunity in the US, including the finding that two-thirds of states have added good jobs for workers without a bachelor’s degree.

“Good Jobs That Pay Without a B.A.: A State-by-State Analysis” reveals that between 1991 and 2015, 34 states across the country added “good jobs” that pay well and don’t require a bachelor's degree. The report shows that while we may be losing jobs in industries like manufacturing, we are gaining many more good jobs in skilled services, like health care and financial services. Nationally, the 4 million jobs the country has gained in skilled-services industries have more than offset the jobs lost by manufacturing declines. Both sets of jobs offer good pay for workers who do not have a bachelor’s degree, but the newer skilled service jobs require some education and training beyond high school, while the traditional blue collar jobs largely required just a high school diploma. That means that we have to work together to think through new strategies to ensure workers have the credentials they need to compete for these jobs...



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