JPMorgan Chase Releases 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Thursday, April 26, 2018

JPMorgan Chase Releases 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report 

JPMorgan Chase believes there is a pressing need to expand access to opportunity and help more people move up the economic ladder. Through our proven model for driving inclusive growth, we are taking a strategic, data-driven approach to doing just that. The Report is a great representation of the firm’s work to support communities around the world. 

In 2017 JPMorgan continued to take a strategic, data-driven approach to expanding access to opportunity, applying its model for driving inclusive growth to help more people climb the economic ladder. 

JPMorgan remains convinced that it can have the greatest impact by undertaking significant, long-term initiatives in key areas – building skills for today’s high-quality jobs, expanding small businesses, revitalizing neighborhoods and promoting financial health – and scaling its efforts where it is moving the needle, either by doubling down or by bringing partners to the table. Core to its work is the idea that meaningful collaboration is essential for genuine progress, and that concept is reflected throughout its work. Where JPMorgan sees a collaborative focus amongst business, civic and nonprofit leaders – as in Detroit, Chicago and Washington, D.C. – the conditions are right for it to extend its model and make a significant contribution....

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